Gut Wellbeing With Liz Earle Podcast

Gut Wellbeing with Liz Earle

Here’s the podcast I did recently with the fabulous Liz Earle. Listen now!

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Not only is Liz famous for her gorgeous naturally active skincare range, but also more recently for the Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine. It’s full of brilliant ways to keep healthy on the inside, as well as feeling and looking wonderful on the outside. She’s a walking talking proof of her own methods with stunning skin and vitality.

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I love to listen to her Wellbeing with Liz Earle Podcasts running, on the way to work and even in the bath.

In our podcast chat, we talked about how we met, and immediately got on like a house on fire. And of course, gut health, which we are both passionate about, and Liz has been a pioneer in talking about gut health and wellbeing.

When we first met, she was in the middle of writing The Good Gut Guide, and so she reached out to me to help with some of the research behind it. Her book was published in May this year and it is still topping the charts. You can get a copy now from NatureDoc.Shop. The Good Gut Guide is certainly one of my top recommendations for anyone interested in this vital topic of gut health, as it brings together easy and practical gut-friendly ideas that are simple and delicious.

The key take home message from this podcast is to always address health and feeding niggles when your kids are little; and that ignoring little problems can create much greater problems when they are older. Focus in on your children’s gut health as this is the cornerstone to their future well-being, mood and development.

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