Success Stories

We do not treat specific medical conditions; and we have to be careful even with reproducing genuine independent comments referring to them even in passing. We have therefore removed some positive details. Names and photos may also have been removed or changed for confidentiality.

“Lucinda has been really amazing at helping not just my kids but also in diagnosing all the family’s underlying issues. Her treatment plan is clear and she is always available to answer our queries. She is approachable and accommodating to any particular avenues/diets you also want to pursue. Thank you for helping us in restoring our health.”
“We have been working with Lucinda for several years now, and I have to say she is one of the most dedicated and committed practitioners I have ever come across. One of her greatest strengths is that she has an integrative approach and is able to draw from a wide range of approaches and methods. Above all, Lucinda cares deeply about our children and doesn’t give up.”
“Lucinda was really approachable and easy to talk to. She explained fully her recommendations and we discussed what would be helpful. She put together a personal nutrition plan which was tailored exactly to my needs and was easy to follow. I felt confident that I was adding good, natural quality to my diet. She offered follow-up appointments and email support, so when making changes was hard, I knew she was always at my side. I would recommend her to anyone.”
“We first came to see Lucinda in 2012. She has since supported our family and extended family for a diverse range of health issues. She has an excellent overview on health and illnesses and how best to test, offer support and treat naturally.

In our initial consultation she identified possible causes of our son’s issues and recommended tests to investigate further. She also recommended a change of diet. Changing diets was potentially a challenge, but Lucinda had lots of suggestions and delicious and easy recipes for making this enjoyable and nutritious. The tests revealed a scientific picture of imbalances and some significant but treatable issues. This was the first time anyone had explained a clear picture of our son’s problems. She talked to us about how diet and supplements could help.

Her approach was the best news we had had for two and a half years! In a short space of time, our son began to sleep better, eat well, grow, play and wake up refreshed. He also began to run and play football, something he had never done before! Every day we see improvements and this is wonderful.”
“When Lucinda first met my son at 7 years old, she quickly (and pre-testing) was able to correctly assess some of the deficiencies and body processes that might be contributing to some of the difficulties he was having with concentration, sleeping, tiredness, headaches etc. The testing she set up was easy and stress-free and the results came through, quick and comprehensive.

Since then, through a combination of recommendations, we have seen a great change in his general health and happiness, and social and academic functioning. We are extremely grateful to Lucinda for her knowledge and kindness in helping us through something that some traditional medical practitioners had suggested could only be treated through medication.”
“Lucinda is an asset to our strive for good health. She is approachable, calm and professional in her manner. Her assessment is carefully explained, easy to understand and she makes you feel as if it is easy to solve. Nothing is too much trouble and she is responsive to an out of hours appointment, phone call or email.”
“We were recommend to see Lucinda at quite a desperate time in our lives. Our little boy, who had shown such potential as a toddler was struggling to develop with both weight and height. Despite having a huge appetite, he seemed to be losing weight rather than gaining and was always really tired. He was pale and so thin that at times you could see his skeleton through his skin. He struggled to concentrate at school and was definitely being labelled as a naughty boy who was not going to succeed. He was very emotional and would spend a lot of time in tears, not tantrums, but quite often his eyes would fill up and two little tears would run down his cheeks. I absolutely knew that something was wrong, but had no idea what it was.

We made numerous visits to our Doctor, but he was not really interested and were more interested in offering me medication for what they described as his difficult behaviour, after I’d told him that he had difficulty concentrating at school, rather than all the other concerns that I mentioned. His school and teachers were equally uninterested. It was very hard as so many people would comment on what a great appetite he had and how lucky I was to have a child that ate so well. Whilst equally being told that he was an active boy who was just mischievous and that things would change as he grew up. Yet those people never saw the tears or him crashed out on the sofa after a day at school, while his friends were playing in the park or at football club. Lucinda met him and she was the first person that really listened to me and agreed that everything we were experiencing with him was not normal. She asked that we undertook some tests, which she arranged. The results came back that he had a parasite and an extremely inflamed gut. The symptoms of these were everything that we had noticed about him, but could not identify ourselves. Lucinda recommended supplements for him and told us that we needed to follow a strict food plan, which is called the GAPS Diet. This meant cutting out gluten, grains and sugar from his diet. Although it was extremely hard we followed Lucinda’s advice and nine months later he is 90% healed. The difference in him is amazing and he is now really thriving. We changed schools to give him a fresh start and he is working hard and making amazing progress. Our meeting with Lucinda has definitely changed the course of his life and for that we will always be extremely grateful to her.”
“My 6 year old daughter, was diagnosed with Celiac disease 5 years ago. She had been seen annually at Chelsea and Westminster ever since who say that she is doing well. However I didn’t understand why she was always so tired, looked washed out and had tummy aches. A friend recommended that I took her to see Lucinda. Lucinda explained really clearly what test she recommended and why. I was especially grateful that she was very upfront about the costs so I knew right from the beginning what I was signing up for. The tests showed that she was also allergic to dairy so for the last few months she has been on a dairy-free diet.

It has made a massive difference. She says she is so happy that she doesn’t get tummy aches any more and feels so much better that she doesn’t mind missing cheese and chocolate- which really shows me how rotten she must have been feeling before. She is now also on lots of daily supplements, recommended by Lucinda, to help build her strength up. I’m really excited about seeing what the changes in her life will be because of Lucinda. I feel not only that I can trust Lucinda completely but this whole experience has taught be to trust my instincts more and follow them when I have concerns about my children.”
“I used to get very bad stomach aches as a child and after a number of visits to different doctors the answer was “there’s nothing wrong”. My daughter got the same stomach aches plus was complaining of hunger when she’d only just eaten. A few small changes and a supplement have made a real difference.

As a bonus Lucinda also picked up on a weak foot and ankle issue (even though this was nothing to do with the original reason), which prompted a visit to the doctor and podiatrist and she is now finding running and sports much better too. We took my son who suffered acute head pains which the doctors investigated and found no real cause for. He was also having terrible trouble sleeping. A supplement that helped balance his blood sugar levels and increase Zinc and Magnesium has settled down both. We all have niggles which affect us as children, mine was my tummy, my Mum’s was earache and because they are not ‘illnesses’ they don’t get treated. What a blessing to be listened to and be able to change that. Thank you.”
“Lucinda is an outstanding naturopath. Highly professional and with a warm and genuine approach she has been vital in our son’s health and return to being a highly sociable and happy boy. We started seeing Lucinda when our son’s gut healing programme plateaued on a grain-free diet. With her extensive knowledge combined with in-depth assessment and testing she has helped him make significant gains in the last 12 months using diet and nutritional supplementation.

He is calmer and more focused at home and school. He has friends and has started playing cricket, which he loves. More recently he has discovered a love of reading as his comprehension has come along in leaps and bounds. We can’t recommend Lucinda highly enough for all she has done for our son and our family.”
“In the short time we have been with NatureDoc, there have been many improvements with our child’s overall health and development. We also discovered how highly sensitive he is, but with the natural approach this has brought many benefits and resolves that we had previously hit a brick wall with! Thank you Lucinda.”
“Lucinda has been working with my family for over 6 years. She has helped us with some complicated health issues for my eldest son, together with pointing the rest of my family in a new direction on nutrition. I have learnt so much from her and will be always grateful. Lucinda is kind, caring and considerate whilst delivering her advice. I have also referred a number of my friends to her, all of whom have come away changed, informed and with improved health and quality of life.”
“I first heard of Lucinda Miller from a friend. I haven’t been using her services for long but from the first consultation I was convinced that I had made the right choice. She is absolutely fabulous and even so early on I can see some amazing results in my child’s behaviours and speech. She clearly has a wealth of experience and knowledge and evidently really believes in what she does. I 100% recommend Lucinda.”
“Jolyon’s teacher couldn’t believe the improvement in his reading after a term of eggs for breakfast!”
“Within weeks Sophie began speaking. A few months later her appetite improved remarkably, incidents of temper tantrums lessened and she became healthier. For example, she has not had a repeat of the ear infections that plagued her throughout the previous 12 months (or the steady prescriptions of anti-biotics from the GP).”
“My son first met Lucinda a few weeks before his 5th birthday and started his new diet and vitamins at the same time as joining year one at school. The changes happened in a matter of weeks. His teacher had given him a timer to do his work in class and this was gone before the end of the first half term. He was given an award from his head teacher for a story and a poem he had written. Within the first few months my son was able to tell me his stomach does not hurt anymore and if he was offered food we had eliminated he would clearly say I am not allowed dairy or egg.”
“Since consulting Lucinda over generally staying healthy with Breast Cancer in the picture, she confidently took me on and demonstrated a very comprehensive knowledge of supportive supplements and diet advice. I would not hesitate to recommend her abilities – you would be in good hands!”
“Lucinda has a rare talent of instilling confidence, positivity & offers great reassurance. She takes time to listen empathically & get to the root of the problem & explains why certain natural options (food/supplements) will help heal you. I’ve recommended her to lots of people & will continue to do so! ”
“Lucinda helped my son hugely. Numerous allergy and gastro “specialists” were not able to pinpoint the causes of his tummy issues yet Lucinda found what the problem was within a few weeks. I will forever sing her praises. ”
“Lucinda has supported my daughter for about 2 years and within this time we have made progress. She had massive tummy issues and these resulted in pain that had her hospitalised. On one occasion we spent over three nights in the hospital with every test: X-rays, lumbar punctures etc., and they could still not come out with an explanation of what was causing the pain.

We were sent home none the wiser with her still in pain. I sent all the test results to Lucinda as soon as I returned home and she immediately suggested her bowel could be congested and inflamed. She suggested some alternative supplements to use and from then on my daughter’s pain has improved, and is now managed. We are now able to explore other avenues in our journey to support her.

On looking back to what my daughter has been through and where she is now it is like night and day. Lucinda has always been available to us at the drop of a hat. I would be happy to speak with you about the care Lucinda has given and continues to give.”
“Having been suffering with terrible digestion for some years and getting nowhere fast, down the usual medical route of Consultant and endoscopy, I decided to seek Lucinda’s help after recommendation from a friend. The consultation was very thorough and I implemented the findings of various test results. I’m pleased to say that I am seeing good results. It’s a relief to not be awake every night with digestive problems. Thank you Lucinda.”
“We have been working with Lucinda for coming up to two years now and during this time our son has exceeded expectations in the progress that he has made. Lucinda tailors her programmes to fit each child individually, there is no one size fits all approach here at all. Lucinda’s knowledge… is beyond amazing, we have consulted with quite a few practitioners and she blows them all out of the water.

Lucinda is hardworking, trustworthy and shows empathy for the unfortunate position that we find ourselves to be in. Above all Lucinda actually cares, she really wants the best for our son and for that we will be forever grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
“With Lucinda’s advice I have gradually lowered the sugar and processed ingredients in [my son’s] diet to a bare minimum. The change in my son has been incredible! Six weeks into Lucinda’s treatment he announced for the first time “I’m hungry”, and had stopped gagging on food. Now he readily eats a super-healthy diet. His bowels are totally normal now, and he no longer has any tummy pain. He is a quirky individual, and may always be this way, but Great Ormond Street confirmed that he is now a “borderline” case. He is a bright little boy, eloquent with his speech, and has above average reading and maths ages.

In addition to changing my son’s eating habits, Lucinda’s ideas have inspired me to look at my own nutrition, and that of my daughter. My mother has also been on board. We have all cut sugar from our diets, and my mother and I both began eating meat again after many years as vegetarians. I have almost totally recovered from 30 years of sleep problems as a result, and my mother has noticed several health benefits too. I would enthusiastically recommend Lucinda to any family, and cannot thank her enough for her input in our journey.”
“I cannot recommend Lucinda highly enough. In fact I have recommended her to several of my friends and they have all been thrilled how much she has helped them and their children. I have taken two of my sons to see Lucinda for quite different reasons. One child has a continually bad stomach though no food has been found to cause it. After several tests Lucinda suggested a supplement which totally transformed my son’s health. Another son was lacking in confidence after moving home and schools. He was struggling to make friends and seemed ‘lost’.

One great friend saw Lucinda because she was struggling to lose weight. Having followed Lucinda’s instructions and changed her diet she has lost weight and feels great. I could go on. Lucinda is a kind, considerate and most of all knowledgeable naturopath who has learned much of what she knows through personal experience making her especially sympathetic and helpful. She is exceptionally good with children.”
“Lucinda is a true professional who I have had the pleasure of working with for the past year. She is always looking for ways to add value and go above and beyond what is expected from her service. Very well done, and I know some other families who are also very thankful for the care and assistance they received from Lucinda and the other team members involved.”
“The plan that you recommended for my 7 year old daughter was like a minor miracle – it completely cleared her chronic skin condition for several months and she had never before been clear! It did return, with less ferociousness, when she got a virus a few months later, but not nearly to the same level and it is manageable now. Thanks for your careful listening Lucinda and your detailed history taking. Your thoughtful approach and your friendliness made our clinic visits a pleasure. Your knowledgeability meant there was also a successful outcome.”
“We have been working with Lucinda for a few months now and we have found her to be highly professional and knowledgeable. She is very thorough in her approach and provided us with some very good suggestions to help my son move forward with his treatment. She is highly responsive to emails in between appointments and we trust her opinion on supplements and treatments we are unsure about.”
“Lucinda made me feel so well again after years of feeling ill and so tired my body always wanted to lie down. I will always remember how she helped me and the fact that I can run about busily once again is amazing and something I’d given up hope on.”
“Lucinda has been working with my son for the last couple of years. It has been refreshing to find someone who is so honest, open and approachable on what has been a very long journey for our family. Lucinda is a warm and caring individual who genuinely wants the best for her patients. Her expertise at interpreting test results is invaluable but more than anything, she is willing to give up her time, beyond the consultation to do everything possible to help.”
“I found Lucinda’s approach very user friendly and she is very confidence giving. I would thoroughly recommend her clinic to anyone slightly interested in a more preventative/holistic approach to disease.”
“We are happy clients of Lucinda’s. Our son has stomach and feeding issues due to congenital issue. He now lives relatively symptom-free. Also Lucinda recommended some other vitamins and minerals. We feel safe since we know that an expert like her cares about us! So we have recommended her to German doctors.”
“As a hands-on granny and all round active body I went ‘flop-dop’ and couldn’t pull myself out of it. Lucinda was totally straight, professional and efficient. She took time and patience and prescribed and explained all the pills and potions in detail. The comprehensive list is often referred to and they all worked very well.”
“After 5 years of being told repeatedly by the NHS that there was nothing wrong with me, I was advised to look for a Naturopath. I was suffering from a whole cocktail of different digestive problems, weight loss, low mood, worry, long-term tiredness so severe that I could barely walk and brain fog to the degree that I couldn’t communicate.

Within 6 months of my first meeting with Lucinda, her fantastic guidance and advice has not only helped me get back to a healthy weight, given me renewed energy, happiness, confidence and focus but above all my digestive problems are so nearly at an end that I now have the freedom to enjoy life without having my tummy dictate my every move. I couldn’t be happier! Finding Lucinda has by far been the single most beneficial step to my recovery, worth every penny and so so much more!”
“I was recommended to Lucinda by a friend. From the start, Lucinda impressed me not only by her knowledge and experience but also by her calm, assuring manner. After years of not being heard, I finally felt as though I was in safe hands. Lucinda’s intuitive approach to my health problems and the treatment plan she provided helped me to regain control of my health and the benefits so far have been significant.”
“After our first appointment with Lucinda earlier this week, we are calmer and very optimistic for the future. Lucinda gave me every confidence in her approach and her understanding of our daughter had to be seen to be believed. After a lot of closed doors and frustrations, I feel we are on the right track and have the support we need to get her the best out of life. Looking forward to progressing together.”
“Friendly and informative advice/care. Queries and questions always answered and acknowledged, great follow up and overall very supportive.”
“I can not recommend Lucinda more highly. She has been instrumental in totally transforming my health and well being. When my youngest daughter started to have some tummy problems I took her straight to see Lucinda, who again through clinical assessment and relevant testing identified the root cause, something the wider medical profession were unable to do.

Without the in-depth answers to both mine and my daughters health issues we would be living very different lives and possibly with diseases we’ve been able to curtail. We can not thank Lucinda enough. I would urge anyone with any health concerns to visit Lucinda it could and probably will change your life.”
“My appointments with Lucinda were so thorough and helpful. I had a myriad of health problems due to autoimmune disease but also a host of seemingly unrelated and annoying symptoms that were really affecting me physically and emotionally.

Lucinda took a long and very detailed history and correctly diagnosed some food allergies and yeast problems and with the proper testing. Lucinda is hugely approachable and her cheerful yet calm manner offers real support throughout the appointments themselves but also through the treatment plan. She is incredibly knowledgeable and up to date on all the latest research and will not waste your time nor money on unnecessary appointments or testing unless she feels it valid and helpful. I cannot recommend her more strongly.”