Zingy Baobab Carrot Juice

Zingy baobab carrot juice is probably my three children’s favourite juice. It is so simple to make and is incredibly refreshing and is bursting with lots of lovely vital vitamins and fibre. I give this creamy and zingy juice to my family for breakfast regularly as they love the sweetness combined with the mild kick of ginger and the fresh lemony citrus flavour. This baobab carrot juice is my first choice of morning juice if one of the children is going down with an infection. It often picks them up quickly and helps to nip these minor infections in the bud. Easy to swallow even with the sorest of throats.

Apples contain high levels of vitamin C and this may be why the British have traditionally said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Carrots are stuffed full of vitamin A which may help eye health as well as immunity. Ginger helps to settle the stomach and is one of nature’s antimicrobials and decongestants, so a good to include when you have a snuffle or a sore throat. The lemon juice and baobab provide additional vitamin C and a lovely fresh flavour.

We love Baobab powder as has a lovely citrus flavour. It also contains plenty of iron, calcium, potassium, thiamine (vitamin B1), vitamin B6 and fibre as well as the high levels of vitamin C. The combination of iron and vitamin C helps to strengthen the blood which may well help with energy levels and vitality. It is essential to have enough iron in your blood to help carry oxygen to the brain. Without this you or your children may be struggling with brain fog or concentration. The baobab in this juice also makes it extra creamy and smoothe and stops the juice from separating.

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Zingy Baobab Carrot Juice

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Course Drinks
Servings 3 people



  • Push the apples, carrot, lemon and ginger through your vegetable juicer. Ideally place the lemon and ginger in between the apples as this helps them through the juicer.
  • Stir the Baobab into the juice and serve.


Please always aim to use organic ingredients.
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    1. Hi there. Baobab powder is a from the African Baobab tree and is rich in iron and vitamin C, so a fantastic blood builder. It has a lovely citrus flavour and you can add the powder to orange juice, tropical juice, smoothies and sorbets.Buy Organic Burst Baobab from Amazon. I hope you all enjoy it!