Ticks are tiny little bugs that can carry a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi and this can develop into a REALLY nasty illness called Lyme Disease. They can also potentially carry a cocktail of other infections that can trigger different symptoms – that’s why Lyme Disease can present in so many different ways.

My daughter suffered from Lyme when she was 8 years old and it was certainly the most challenging time in my life getting her back to her old vibrant self – that’s why I’m so passionate about protecting others from being bitten.

Ticks tend to lurk in long grass & woodlands where deer live, but they can be present almost anywhere green. The ones that latch onto you are absolutely tiny at the beginning – the size of a tiny freckle, so they are tricky to spot – the difference is that you can usually see a tiny red mark around it and when you get up close with a magnifying glass you can see it wriggle! My daughter’s tick was in her hair, so I only spotted it when I was brushing her hair.  It’s not itchy, so you will not know it is there unless you look.

They tend not do any harm if they are removed safely with a specialist tick remover within 24 hours & if the red rash is smaller than a 2-pence piece. I keep a credit card shaped tick remover in my wallet at all times.

If the tick remains engorged for longer, then that’s when the havoc can begin – some people get a bulls eye rash around the tick quite quickly, but many don’t and can develop symptoms over time including fatigue, joint pains, lock jaw, brain fog, anxiety, poor temperature regulation & light sensitivity. If you don’t catch it quickly, Lyme can become very debilitating, and increasingly hard to recover from.

Tips to prevent getting bitten in the first place are to wear long trousers & t-shirts when out walking – ideally light-coloured clothes as the ticks are easier to spot. You can wear deet insect repellent too. Check yourself & your kids every evening from top to toe (behind the ears/in the hair/between the toes) & remove safely with a tick remover. If it’s been there longer, there’s a rash or you feel unwell see your GP immediately who will prescribe antibiotics. If antibiotics are needed this is usually quite a long course which lasts several weeks, so is a good idea to take probiotics during the course (timing-wise as far away from the antibiotics) and for at least 6 weeks afterwards and ideally 3 months after.

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