This week, I had a catch-up with Liz Earle or her Friday Five Podcast! Has your child or teen (or even yourself!) developed anxiety, tics, OCD, brain fog, dizziness, fatigue or skewed eating patterns since having a streptococcus infection or Covid? If so, you might want to investigate whether this is a misdirected autoimmune neuro-inflammatory response to the infection.

What do I mean? Essentially instead of fighting the infection in the “normal way”, the immune system gets muddled and attacks the brain, which can lead to neuro inflammation, and in turn alters a person’s neurological and mental state.

Thankfully, much can be done to dampen down this cytokine storm, and I had a wonderful chat with Liz Earle all about this on her podcast

Listen to it here:

The key take home tips from our conversation are:

  • Nourish the gut microbiome with a good quality probiotic and lots of rainbow foods
  • Try anti-inflammatory turmeric or start enjoying turmeric lattes
  • Drink green tea
  • Resveratrol, which is rich in red grape skins can dial down inflammation and is usually found in combination with other neuroprotective and immune supplements
  • Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) – is key for dampening down mast cells and overall neuroinflammation
  • Try Lions Mane and Bacopa to help with brain fog

A big shout out and thanks goes to Liz Earle, as well as to PANS PANDAS UK and Children’s e-Hospital, for all their tireless work in raising awareness and helping so many kids with these awful neuro-inflammatory conditions.

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