Pear & Cashew Dairy Free Yoghurt

Soaked cashew nuts mixed with probiotics make a creamy and decadent “yoghurt”, that your kids are sure to love. When you combine these with poached pear, vanilla and maple syrup then the yoghurt turns it into a gorgeous creamy pudding. If you are looking for a dairy free yoghurt then this is quick and easy to make and is very adaptable. We use it as a cream and dollop it on top of crumble and I often combine this with mango, banana, berries, and seeds for a very filling breakfast.

One of hardest problems with going dairy-free is missing out on creamy yoghurts. There are limited shop-bought options and home-made is often easier. Some kids, especially those are with dysbiosis (think out-of-sync gut flora) and sore tummies are often hooked on sweet yoghurts (this may be the ONLY food they eat!) and you can imagine this is double trouble when trying to replace them with something healthy that they can tolerate.

One of the yummiest ways to eat this is to combine with strawberries – it tastes just amazing and kids think is it made from dairy it is so creamy!

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Pear & Cashew Dairy Free Yoghurt

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 20 minutes
Course Breakfasts, Puddings
Servings 3 people



  • Soak the cashew nuts in water with a pinch of salt for about two hours
  • Peel and core the pears and simmer gently in a little hot water for 5-7 minutes until soft. You will use 3 pears to make the yoghurt and then use 1 pear for the topping.
  • Let the pear cool.
  • After soaking rinse and then drain the cashew nuts. Place these in your NutriBullet or high speed blender with 3 of pears, the maple syrup, the vanilla powder and water.
  • Ensure the yoghurt is cool and then add the probiotic powder and blend again for a few seconds.
  • Serve with chopped pear and hazlenuts or keep plain and then add your own choice of fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Store in the fridge for up to 4 days.


The probiotic powder is optional, if you want to keep this as a cream rather than a yoghurt.
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