My Baba Podcast – Food, mood and gut health for the whole family

Leonora Bamford, My Baba’s founder, set up the fantastic Parental Control monthly parenting and lifestyle podcast when she wanted to support parents in feeling more in control and confident about tackling parenting problems head-on.

In this podcast Leonora and I talk about how the food we eat affects our mood and why cooking from scratch gives the most nutritional benefits. We talked a lot about helping children with neurodiversity to fuel their bodies in the right way. We also touched on gut health, hormones and what supplements our children should or could be taking. Tune in to find out why zinc and iron are such important minerals for growing children.

Find the link to the podcast below, so you can listen in to this and Leonora’s other insightful interviews. Please do share with any of your mummy and daddy friends who you feel may find this useful.

“Lucinda Miller is always my go-to for advice when it comes to feeding the family. Although this podcast is relevant for any parent, this is more focused on secondary school ages”
Leonora Bamford

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