Go green with a natural spring clean

As we emerge from the dark, chilly, winter days to the warm, light spring days, many of us feel it’s time to shake off the cobwebs, fling open the windows and get rid of all that dirt and grime that has built up in our homes. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a chore, especially when you can opt for natural methods that are kind to your body, home, the environment and your wallet. Here are some simple ways to help you freshen up your home using natural remedies this springtime.

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Why go green with your cleaning?

Many of the most common cleaning products contain harsh chemicals including glycol ethers, surfactants, solvents, phosphates, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. These can be an irritant to the skin and can cause rashes and exacerbate eczema symptoms. They can also be inhaled (especially if you are cleaning with a spray cleaner) and cause inflammation in the lungs, which can lead to breathing problems like asthma. Phthalates are well-known endocrine disruptors which means that they can influence our hormones, affecting levels of oestrogen and thyroid health, and have been linked to some cancers.

Cleaning product companies do not legally have to list their full ingredients in Europe, so we often have no idea what we are using to spring clean our homes. Many of their ingredients are also knowingly damaging to the environment, not to mention expensive to buy.

Cleaning sponges are full of plastic and binned after a few uses. A year’s worth of plastic kitchen sponges can last up to 52,000 years in landfill. Also, the average UK household uses around 330 litres of water a day, so I share a top tip on how to save water too!

Natural ways to spring clean your home

  • Fresh air – there is nothing quite like letting the fresh spring air flow through your home. Banish any lingering winter stuffiness by throwing open the windows and welcoming in the revitalising breeze. Let the power of nature breathe new, fresh air and energy into your home.
  • Declutter and donate – spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to clear out clutter and organise your home. Donate any items you no longer need to charity – it’s a win-win situation. Only keep things that you know you use or that you really love! Decluttering can feel really liberating, and a tidy house will make that spring clean much easier and more successful.
  • Water – try and limit your water usage during your spring clean by using a bowl of water when cleaning your bathrooms and sinks. Check for leaky taps on your way round your home. Wait until you have a large pile of laundry to do, rather than putting on regular smaller loads. Try using your dishwasher sparingly and wash up the odd plate or mug by hand. Turning the tap off when you are brushing your teeth is another great little water saver.

Natural non-toxic remedies to clean your home

  • Lemon juice – harness the power of lemons which are one of the best natural cleaners due to their high levels of citric acid and antibacterial and deodorising properties. Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 250ml of water and pour into a spray bottle to create a refreshing cleaning solution that cuts through grease and leaves surfaces sparkling clean.
    Give your dishwasher a good natural clean by cutting up a lemon into wedges and popping them into the bottom of an empty dishwasher. Put on a short cycle and you’ll be left with a sparkling and fragrant dishwasher!
    Lemons are also great for cleaning grubby wooden chopping boards. Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt onto the board, cut a lemon in half and use it to scrub the salt around the board, then rinse to revitalise. 
    The citric acid found in lemons (and other citrus fruits) is fabulous at dissolving limescale. Chrome taps can be made shiny by wiping with half a lemon – which is so much nicer than a strong chemical limescale remover.
  • Vinegar – white vinegar might not smell great on its own, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning. Dilute vinegar with water (50% water, 50% vinegar), to create an all-purpose cleaner that tackles everything from grimy floors to pen marks on walls. It is particularly handy for cleaning windows and bathroom surfaces. To make your vinegar cleaner smell more fragrant try adding essential oils (see below), a few sprigs of rosemary or some lemon peel to the spray bottle.
  • Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) – Baking soda is a gentle yet effective abrasive cleaner that’s perfect for tackling tough stains without scratching surfaces. Sprinkle it onto sinks, kitchen surfaces, stovetops and baths, then scrub away dirt and grime for a fresh, clean finish. Bicarbonate of soda can also be effective in getting rid of any stubborn stains on mattresses. Just sprinkle some on using a sieve, then rub it in, leave for at least an hour, and vacuum off.  
  • Tea tree oil – nature’s disinfectant, tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial properties, making it a great natural disinfectant. Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle for a powerful antibacterial cleaner that is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Essential oils – products with essential oils not only smell divine but also have similar antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties to tea tree and help to keep germs at bay in your home. Choose your favourite scent – whether it is calming lavender or invigorating peppermint – and add a few drops to your homemade cleaning solutions for an extra boost.
  • Cotton or recycled cloths – swap disposable cloths, or those pesky plastic sponges, for reusable cotton cloths which you can use again and again. They are eco-friendly and super effective at trapping dust and dirt, leaving your surfaces gleaming. You can also go one eco step further by making your own cleaning cloths, using old t-shirts or socks.


Remember, spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up your home; it’s also about creating a fresh and inviting space where you can relax and recharge. With these natural cleaning tips, you can welcome the arrival of spring with open arms in a clean, serene and green home. Happy cleaning!



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