Figgy Father Christmases

How adorable are these little guys?! No baking involved and they’re to make great fun for the kids to get their hands stuck in. These are the perfect sweet treat for Christmas fairs or to enjoy when kids come over.

I’ve also made an apricot based option which is just as delicious and gorgeously sticky. Both versions will be devoured in a flash!

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Figgy Father Christmases

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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 50 minutes
Course Snacks & Treats
Servings 12
Suitable for Special Diet (or adaptable) Egg-free, Gluten-free, Vegetarian



  • Soak your dried fruit in boiling water for about half an hour, until deliciously soft.
  • Chop the fruit and put into your food processor, blend until it is smooth. Then add the chia seeds (plus the orange zest if you’re making the apricot ones).
  • Line a tray with baking paper. Then with damp hands roll out your fruit into approximately 12 balls, aim for slightly smaller than the size of a walnut. Flatten the balls a little and pop into the freezer for an hour.
  • After an hour spread a little blob of nut butter onto the top and place back into the freezer for another half an hour.
  • In the meantime, break the chocolate into pieces and place into a clean, dry bowl. Place the bowl over a simmering pan of water and leave to melt gently.
  • Take your flat-ish fruity balls out of the freezer. With a spoon, dip each one into the chocolate until covered and pop back into the freezer until hardened.
  • Melt your white chocolate over the simmering pan and put a decent blob onto the top of each chocolatey fruity ball to stick the strawberry on. Before sticking the strawberry on, dip the end of it in white chocolate to make the bobble for Father Christmas’s hat.
  • Googley eyes make them look super cute. Just use a little of the melted white chocolate to stick them on. Place in the fridge to firm up. Eat within 48 hours.


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