Nutrition for ADHD Course

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Learn why nutrition is so important for ADHD (and ADD) and what you can do about it with exclusive interviews, practical guides and helpful tips from Lucinda Miller and special guests.

This online course is presented in 7 online modules over 7 weeks. There are over 6 hours of videos, and plenty of offline activities too! The course will help you understand the benefits of the right diet and food supplements. It covers practical day-to-day tips to help manage this neurodiverse condition and how to make it your super-skill.

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Learn why nutrition is so important for ADHD and ADD and what you can do about it with exclusive interviews, practical guides and helpful tips from Lucinda Miller, Clinical Lead of NatureDoc and special guests.

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3 reviews for Nutrition for ADHD Course

  1. Alexandra

    I can’t thank Lucinda and the NatureDoc team enough for this fantastic course. I signed up for the full course with access to the live Q&A sessions and although I’m not able to join live, it’s been great to be able to send in any questions and catch up later in the evening.

    The course is full of clear, concise and super helpful information and it is packed full of practical and helpful advice regarding the vast and often confusing world of nutrition and supplements. I’ve already been able to implement some of the recommendations with really good results (ensuring protein at breakfast time has been transformational for my ADHD 9 year old).

    The ‘bite-sized’ concise sections have been perfectly designed for those of us with attention and focus challenges or those of us who are time poor – or if like me – both of these!

    Each video section is accompanied by summary notes which I find really helpful to read through and reinforce what I’ve learnt.

    Lucinda and Tash have a lovely rapport and are always clear and coherent – both are clearly passionate and knowledgable in their field.

    I genuinely can’t praise this course enough – thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. rosa.candita simpkins

    I am utterly impressed by the quality of this course. I have ADHD and am also a student in nutrition with ION, and have found this course a priceless resource for information, tips, etc, which I will be able to implement not just for me but for all my neurodivergent family. Thank you Lucinda for making all this precious knowledge available for us.

  3. Maria-T

    Loving the course. Honestly it’s been transformational for my family. I have seen the most changes with my 5yr old who was angry (super grumpy) tantrums clingy … just difficult overall and it really was weighing the family down. He’s now so so much better. Even I, knowing all I know about nutrition, have been blown away. So THANK YOU.

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