Life without health limits...

…what could be better?

Consultations for Adults

  • We see many adults for a broad range of nutritional and naturopathic support.  Typically people seek advice from us on:
  • energy level balancing
  • sleep support
  • sharpening up the brain and memory
  • supporting mood and response to day to day challenges
  • rebalancing hormones and neurotransmitters
  • re-booting a crashed or out-of-sync immune system (including auto-immunity)
  • testing for food and environmental sensitivities
  • resolving long standing gut issues
  • natural and gentle detoxification
  • healthy and easy diet and lifestyle choices

The human body is usually pretty good at regulating itself, and quite tolerant of bad habits. Up to a point. And when things do go wrong, they can affect physical and mental health in surprising ways. We are keen to help you learn how to keep your mind and body on track so you can enjoy life to the full. In complex and chronic cases our practitioners will use their functional medicine skills and organise in-depth laboratory testing.  We will work together with you as a team until you have ameliorated your health concerns.