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Nutrition for Autism Online Course

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Four metabolic reasons why your autistic child may be aggressive or self-harm

It is devastating when autistic kids behave aggressively, or they start to hurt themselves

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Nutrition for ADHD Online Course

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Family Nutrition & Functional Medicine Clinic

Recipe - Supercharged Shakshuka

This classic Middle Eastern dish is a sensational mix of flavours

The NatureDoc Approach

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SEND Parenting Podcast

Lucinda Miller talking all about nutrition for ADHD

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Saffron Supplements

The Spanish Stress Spice

NatureDoc Child Health Blog

Search for Lucinda's natural tips for childhood ailments

NatureDoc Neurodiversity Blog

Nutrition support for anyone who has (or suspects) ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyslraxia, Tic Disorders & Sensory Processing

NatureDoc Women's Health & Hormones Blog

Nutrition support for time of the month, pregnancy, breastfeeding, thyroid & menopause,

8 Natural Ways To Nip Hay Fever In The Bud

Natural remedies for summer health

The NatureDoc Women's Health Team

Hormones, Thyroid, Autoimmunity

Podcasts with Lucinda Miller

Gut Health, Neurodiversity, Thyroid

Jarrah Active Honey - Natures Cough & Sore Throat Remedy

Toffee flavoured honey - more potent than Manuka

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