NatureDoc Coaching


Book an hour online with one of our coaches. We will allocate a coach for you, depending on availability.

You can use the time all in one go, or in smaller chunks. Assuming it all works out nicely and you want more, you will have the ability to buy packs of hours at lower hourly rates. Two hours is priced at £195 and five hours is priced at £395.



What is nutrition coaching?
If you or your child has very complex dietary needs; if you are only eating a narrow range of foods; or are struggling to take food supplements, then our NatureDoc nutrition coaches can help with practical tips and menu plans to help to manage your nutrition, and to ensure you or your child are getting all the nutrients you need through your diet.

Equally if you are lacking motivation or clarity about making positive changes to you or your child’s diet or lifestyle, or struggling to incorporate them into your daily routine, then coaching can help. You can work at your own pace and draw on our coach’s knowledge and expertise to overcome any hurdles in the way.

Coaching not only focuses in on what to eat, it is much more than that. Our coaches are trained in yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness and they can offer practical day to day ideas to help you or your child adopt a healthier lifestyle and sleep patterns, as well as manage emotional dysregulation and some behavioural challenges. They can also specifically support people with neurodivergence and mental health challenges with their specialist knowledge, as well as buckets of empathy and compassion.

If our coach feels that further laboratory testing or food supplements are warranted, then they will discuss with you about referring you or your child onto one of our NatureDoc nutritional therapy team. Nutritional therapy is separate from the coaching and will be charged independently of coaching.

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