NatureDoc Product Recommendations

These are some products we have tried and tested ourselves that you may find useful! We may earn commission if you click through and buy them, but we only recommend things here we have bought and like ourselves.


This Ecoair dehumidifier is reasonably quiet, works in a wider range of temperatures than compression type dehumidifiers. It also has a silver air filter which can filter out some nasties and the Classic model has an ioniser too.

At NatureDoc HQ we have two of these! Luckily we don’t need them very often, but when we do they come in very handy. There’s a fairly big non-spill water tank that you need to empty every now and again, but also there is a hose point that you can use for continuous drainage. This is super for sorting out leaks, spillages and sucking moisture out of damp walls. > Get this on Amazon.

Air filter

We chose a Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier primarily for pollen, but it also filters out a lot of other nasties.

The reasons we chose it include low background noise, relatively low cost of spare filters, ability to filter a reasonably large room and unobtrusiveness to have hanging around living areas. > Get this on Amazon.